Vortex is one of seven stand-up coasters built by B&M.  All of the rides are still operating, but two of them have been relocated, and three of them have been converted to floorless coasters with the addition of new trains.  Here are details about the other six coasters besides Vortex:

  1. Iron Wolf (1990-2011) at Six Flags Great America. This was the first coaster built by B&M.
    Apocalypse (2012-present) at Six Flags America. In 2019, it was renamed Firebird and received floorless trains. New trains are one row shorter than the original stand-up trains.
  2. Vortex (1991-present) at California's Great America. In 2017, it was renamed Patriot and received floorless trains.
  3. Mantis (1996-present) at Cedar Point. In 2015, it was renamed Rougarou and received floorless trains.
  4. Chang (1997-2009) at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom
    Green Lantern (2011-present) at Six Flags Great Adventure
  5. Riddler's Revenge (1998-present) at Six Flags Magic Mountain
  6. Georgia Scorcher (1999-present) at Six Flags Over Georgia

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