Comet stands 84 feet tall.  The first drop is nearly 80 feet.  The track is 3,360 feet long.  The coaster was designed by Herbert Schmeck (1890-1956) and built by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company.  Schmeck's first coaster was the original Hersheypark Wild Cat which opened in 1923.   Schmeck worked on over 80 roller coasters, but besides this one, only nine are still operating today: Great Escape's Comet, Waldameer's Comet, Six Flags Great America's Little Dipper, Little Amerricka's Meteor, Knoebels' Phoenix, Idewild's Rollo Coaster, Dorney Park's Thunderhawk, Lake Compounce's Wildcat, and Canobie Lake Park's Yankee Cannonball.

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