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December 12 - Our first bilingual update is today.  You can view the La Ronde pages in English, or see them in French.

November 14 - The updates are coming quickly.  Here is the third new park this week!  South of the Border's Pedroland Park is home of a coaster that operated for a year and has been SBNO for nearly a decade. 

In other news, I added a section about Disney's "Haunted Holidays".

November 9 - It's time for another bi-coastal coaster update!  Our 6th park in New York state is Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom.  And Remlinger Farms is our fourth amusement park in Washington State.  As usual, I hope you check back since I have even more new pictures to add from parks in both of those states.

November 2 - Our 14th Californian park is Pixieland Amusement Park.  (Pictures from the 15th park, Gilroy Gardens, will be released soon... So please check back!)

October 17 - Motor World is our latest addition.  This small park is our forth Virginia location.

October 1 - The next park added to the Gallery is Deadwood.  And careful observers will note that the Keansburg Amusement Park link has been up on the home page for a couple of weeks, but I never got around to listing it here on the Updates page.  That's the problem with being so busy finding new coasters! 

There are a lot of other updates throughout the site.  Lots of press releases have been added about coasters being built for next year, details about coasters closing or moving, and even a park that is closing permanently.  Kiddieland near Chicago closed its doors this week after 81 years of operation!

September 17 - Why are so many parks listed as "Coming Soon" on the home page?  This is the time of year that I spend a lot of time traveling and photographing roller coasters.  And when I am not at amusement parks, I need to work so I can afford to go on these coaster trips.  (I am still waiting to get that huge sponsorship deal so I can become independently wealthy.  In the mean time, I get a few pennies when someone clicks on my advertisers... not enough for me to retire on!)

Here is a list of parks that I have visited and still working on:  La Ronde, Great Escape, Magic Forrest Park, Hoffman's Playland, Jeepers-Albany, Sylvan Beach Amusement Park, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Pixieland Amusement Park, Gilroy Gardens, Remlinger Farms, Keansburg Amusement Park, Elitch Gardens, Fun Forrest, Deadwood, Dixie Landings, Family Kingdom, Freestyle Music Park, Motor World, NASCAR Speedpark, Pedroland, and aerial shots from a variety of places.  (Wow... that is a lot.  Are you sure you don't want to give me a ton of cash so I can stay at home and work on these?)

September 1 - The Puyallup Fair is open for less than three weeks a year, but we have pictures of their roller coasters!  Thanks to the Fair and John Hinde for letting me photograph the rebuilding of Coaster Thrill Ride.

August 12 - Today is a bicoastal update.  We have new pictures from California as well as New Jersey:  The Oakland Zoo and Bowcraft Playland.  They aren't the biggest coasters, but I hope you appreciate the diversity of coverage!

Last week I visited four parks in Washington State, so lots of new pictures are on the way...

July 27 - The SeaWorld Orlando pictures have been updated and Long Island's Adventureland is the latest park added to the Gallery.

In other news, I just visited Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Pixieland Amusement Park, Gilroy Gardens, and the Oakland Zoo, so I am still working on new pictures.

I have aerial shots of a number of amusement parks scattered throughout my website, but I just flew over four more, so I need to start a section of the Gallery devoted airborne photography.  The newest example is from Universal Studios Florida.

July 2 - There are new pictures from not one, not two, but three parks this week.  Belmont Park and Playland Park have new pictures and information.  And Krazy City becomes the 115th park covered here!

I am still working on more parks, and I am visiting a couple of new ones this weekend, so keep coming back to as we continue our quest to document every roller coaster in the world.  And speaking of the world, wouldn't it nice to see some parks from the southern hemisphere?  Just you wait...

June 15 - My latest park is SeaWorld San Diego

Speaking of SeaWorld parks... I just got back from SeaWorld Orlando, so get ready for pictures of their three new coasters, including Manta.

And if you look at the home page, you will see four new parks listed as 'coming soon.'  I had a nice trip and visited five parks, four of which I had never been to, so get ready for more...

May 11 - There are new shots of Islands of Adventure

No more updates this week because I am traveling a lot now...Last week was two California parks.  This week is three Florida parks.  So get ready for more!

April 20 - A bunch of new pictures have been added to the Universal Studios Florida section.  I will be back when the Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit opens because it looks like such a great ride.

March 16 - Two new parks in two weeks?  You bet!

With less than one week's notice, Cypress Gardens Adventure Park recently announced it would be closing and removing all of its rides.  Fortunately, I got to the park just three days before it closed.  The botanical gardens and water park is expected to reopen, but the coasters, rides, and animals are all gone.

And while I haven't had the time to post more Vegas pictures yet, I did go to a couple of parks, so I must ask for your patience again.  New pictures will be up as soon as I am done traveling and have time to work on them.

March 3 - Time to add the new park.... Buffalo Bill's Resort and Casino in Nevada is the next location covered in the Gallery. 

Speaking of Nevada, I will be adding some new shots from there late this month.  Of course, you can seen them sooner on my new Facebook page.

February 16 - Want a way to keep up with our updates?  Check out the new Facebook page.  (And if you visit there, you will get the sneak preview of the park I will be adding here next!)

If you had joined before today, you would have all ready seen our latest park: Jolly Roger Amusement Park

February 6 - I am exploring the possibility of a roller coaster discussion on amateur radio.  We would most likely try to have a net by using IRLP, EchoLink, or a similar system.  If you are a 'ham' and are interested, please email me for details.

January 29 - When I broke my arm a month ago, I worried that I would not be able to work on my website too often.  But it turns out that I have had enough time and capability to do two parks this month.  There are new pictures from Disney's Animal Kingdom as well as a new park, Canada's Wonderland.

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