There are a lot of steel coasters that shuttle back and forth.  There are over 50 Vekoma Boomerangs and Giant Inverted Boomerangs such as Carolina Cobra, Invertigo, and Aftershock.  There were eight Arrow Launched Shuttle Loopers such as Diamond Back and Sidewinder.  There were a dozen Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loops such as Greezed Lightnin', another Greezed Lightnin', and Montezooma's Revenge.  There are ten Intamin Halfpipes and Surfriders such as Half Pipe, Avatar Airbender, and Surfrider.  There were seven Intamin Impulse Coasters such as Vertical Velocity, Possessed, and Wicked Twister.  All together, there are about 70 steel shuttle coasters still operating.

Switchback is the first, and so far the only, wood shuttle coaster!

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