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December 31 - Here it is... the last updates for 2007!  There are new aerial pictures of Elitch Gardens now. 

It was announced that Kennywood Entertainment is being purchased by Parques Reunidos, based in Madrid, Spain, an international operator that manages 61 amusement, animal and water parks in the United States and Europe.  Parks included in the sale are Kennywood in West Mifflin, PA, Idlewild & SoakZone in Ligonier, PA, Sandcastle Waterpark in West Homestead, PA, Lake Compounce Theme Park in Bristol, Connecticut and Story Land in Glen, New Hampshire.

Added details about Pony Express at Knott's Berry Farm.  Also dded information that Clementon's Jack Rabbit was demolished. 

December 11 - There are some new items on the Merchandise Page. If you are looking to buy holiday gifts for the coaster enthusiasts in your life, this is the place! There are amusement park DVDs, roller coaster models and toys, and books covering the past, present, and future of theme parks and thrill rides. These would make perfect Christmas presents for your friends who are into roller coasters, or gifts to yourself to add to your collection. And if you purchase anything, a portion of the sale goes to help fund's operation.

November 16 - New pictures from Worlds of Fun were added today.  Patriot and Spinning Dragons finally documented.

Also added search boxes on a lot of park index pages.  Hope you enjoy this new feature.

November 9 - The Park at MOA, formerly Knott's Camp Snoopy, is getting yet another name.  Starting next year, it will be Nickelodeon Universe.  It is also getting a new Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter coaster.  Look for construction pictures in the next few months.

The former Paramount's Great America is going to be called California's Great America for the 2008 season.  And in 2009, they are getting a GCI wood coaster.

November 5 - More details about 2008 coasters have been released.  For example, Dominator at Geauga Lake is headed to Kings Dominion where it will still be called DominatorBatman: The Ride is being moved from the still-closed Six Flags New Orleans to Six Flags Fiesta Texas where it will open next year as Goliath.

And for those who are waiting for new pictures, they will be here soon.  But in the last few weeks, I have been busy taking even more pictures, including aerial shots of Lakeside and Elitch Gardens in the Denver, Colorado area.  So as always... check back to see even more new pictures!

October 11 - There are lots of new pictures from Morey's Piers.  While there are some left from 2000, most have been replaced by much better shots from my recent trip.

There is also lots of new news sprinkled throughout the website.  Some of the highlights:  Geauga Lake is sending Thunderhawk to Michigan's Adventure, Tony Hawk's Big Spin is coming to Six Flags Over Texas, Hersheypark is adding Fahrenheit, and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is adding their own Tony Hawk's Big Spin.

September 20 - The big news is that Geauga Lake's amusement park is going to close.  Only its water park will open next year.  No word on where the coasters are heading, but I am sure that most of them will be headed to other Cedar Fair parks.

I also made several smaller updates:  Added information about Meteor at Little Amerricka.  Also changed the park's name from Little A-Merrick-A.  Changed name of Six Flags New England's Poison Ivy's Tangled Train to Catwoman's Whip.

September 12 - Clementon Amusement Park is the first of eight new New Jersey park to be added to  I also have some new pictures from Lakeside Amusement Park and Holiday World, so check back for those in the next few weeks...

August 27 - Added new Six Flags Great Adventure pictures.  Includes some large shots of Kingda Ka and El Toro.  I hope you enjoy them!

August 10 - I wanted to add the new pictures, but I went to Worlds of Fun and Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom instead.  Since I hadn't been to those parks in six or seven years, I was happy to get the chance to visit and ride their new coasters.  And since I took even more pictures, I hope you don't mind the slight delay of the New Jersey pictures.

Also, I had to fly for the past two weeks.  Since I pay to visit these parks, it is important to have another full-time job.  However, if you would like to help, please visit our FAQ page to see how you can assist.

July 10 - I just got back from New Jersey... Get ready for pictures from ten parks, eight that will be new to the Gallery.  Don't have time for all the details now, but let's just say that Kinda Ka and El Toro are wonderful.  Check back for the new pics soon!

June 17 - Another week, another park.  This time it is Alabama Adventure.  I hope you enjoy these new additions!

June 2 - Alabama's Waterville USA is our latest addition.

May 22 - Added Tatsu pictures on the Magic Mountain page.  Also added the fact that the park removed Pysclone.  Lots of other news around the site such as: Wyandot Lake's closure, Enchanted Village changing its name to Wild Waves, new rides at various parks for 2008, relocations of other rides, etc.  Also added a couple of new items to the Store.

April 30 - More name changes today.  Six Flags Marine World has become Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.  Cedar Fair's purchase of the Paramount Parks has caused the Paramount name to be dropped from Kings Island, Kings Dominion and Carowinds.  Paramount's Great America is now Knott's Great America.

April 20 - No new park today, but there are new pictures.  I added pictures of Renegade under construction as well as a number of new aerial shots of Valleyfair!  Additionally, there are tons of changes around the website as parks and roller coasters change names.  For example, Six Flags' sale of 7 parks has changed the names of Elitch Gardens, Darien Lake, several coasters, etc.

March 26 - Time to add another park.  Wild Adventures is our first new park of the 2007 season.  And it won't be our last...

February 24 - Lots of information has been added to the Gallery as news comes in.  Here are a few samples:  Son Of Beast has lost its loop.  X-Flight is leaving Geauga Lake and is going to be Firehawk at Kings Island.  Python has left Busch Gardens Tampa.  Later this summer, SheiKra is getting floorless trains.  Renegade is being built at Valleyfair.  Tony Hawk's Big Spin will be added to Fiesta Texas.  And the amazing Flying Turns is coming to Knoebels.  And even a few new pictures have appeared as I add some shots from 2006 that I never got around to!

On a personal note, I am returning to flying for the airlines this month.  It is hard to believe that it has been five years since I was furloughed shortly after 9-11.  The bad news is that I will be busy for two months during training, so Gallery updates will be slower for a while.  But don't despair, my flying will allow me to travel more, so get ready for more coaster pictures in the next few years!

January 16 - Six Flags announced that it is selling seven of its parks: Six Flags Darien Lake, Six Flags Elitch Gardens, Wild Waves and Enchanted Village, Frontier City, White Water Bay, SplashTown, and Waterworld.

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